Buffet Crampon Paris
Henri Selmer Paris
BG France

The expertise of French know-how and workshop work

Accessories for Clarinets & wind instruments

Buffet Crampon, Selmer and Yamaha Clarinets accessories, but also oboes, bassoons, flutes et saxophones

Claude Tissendier Jazz Musician

5/5 Stars.

As a jazz Clarinet musician playing on ancient instruments more than often do I need some quick and precise fine adjustments. Béatrice Guéritaud, your constant availability whenever requested, the way you pay attention with such care and kindness, and your skillful work make me trust you without the slightest hesitation.
Claude Tissendier – Jazz musician

Claude Tissendier http://www.claudetissendier.com/claude-tissendier-biographie.html

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